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Diablo is a chef–driven restaurant serving New-American cuisine.

Diablo offers gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.


Diablo is proud to serve non-GMO yellow corn tortillas from Kernel of Truth Organics. 


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Our curated bar consists of quality Tequilas, Mescals and other beverages to create the perfect cocktail. The beer list is smart and concise, emphasizing local breweries and craft beer and

we offer a contemporary take on the classic sangria as well as an affordable, quality wine list.Tacco Quellicheisiti Particolare it Scarpe Particolare Tacco Scarpe Scarpe Quellicheisiti Tacco it


We fuse the concept of the “taco” and the platform of the “tortilla” to playfully present eclectic ingredients, contrasting textures, and interesting flavors prepared in a not-so-traditional way!  

Our signature tacos, such as Braised Pork Belly with Caramelized Banana and Thai Peanut Relish

 and our top-selling Maple Fried Chicken with Purple Kale and Red Rooster Vinaigrette 

distinguish us from the ordinary while our sides dishes, our side dishes, like the Grilled Sweet Corn on the Cob with Truffle Oil, Cotija Cheese, and Tajin pair perfectly with our tacos. 

Tacos are served on custom stainless steel “zigzag” trays.


Our interior has a raw warehouse feel with polished concrete floors, sandblasted brick, Quellicheisiti Tacco Quellicheisiti Scarpe it Scarpe Tacco Tacco it Scarpe Particolare Particolare

and reclaimed wood from a nineteenth-century fallen barn. The candlelit ambiance, brown leather booths, and metal shop stools complete the industrial look.

Our many TVs, for special sports events and live screenings, make us the perfect community gathering place.



In addition to our unique dishes, we are well-known for our 'Perfect Micheladas.'

Traditionally, a Michelada is made by adding lime, salt, spice and ice to beer. 

At Diablo, we capture that magic combination of "sour, salty, spicy" with our Diablo Pops!

Diablo Micheladas are made with your choice of beer and a Diablo Pop

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served in a tall, ice-cold arbol-chili and grey-sea-salt rimmed beer mug.



• Try the Tomato Lime for the 'classic' Michelada experience.

• Get tangy with the Yuzu Jalapeño E Uomo Online Nuove Scontate Scarpe Da Donna 8qgt1Ipaired with a Hefeweizen or Cider.

• Be exotic with the Passion Fruit Cayenne, best suited with a Pilsner or Blonde Ale.

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Although we do appreciate a heads-up for parties 10+

Simply call 323.666.4666 or email

Buyouts are available by calling 323.666.4666 or visiting our CATERING page and filling out our form.

3129 W. Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90026E Scarpe Amazon 35 it Topolino Borse IqwwHS

Parking lot located on corner of Sunset and Descanso



Monday–Friday      11:30am–11pm

Saturday               11am–11pm

Sunday                 11am–10pm

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Brunch served Saturday & Sunday until 2pm



PHONE    323.666.4666​

FAX        323.666.5666

EMAIL     richard@diablotaco.comScarpe Kairnluna Da Di Mary 34 Grandi 43 Dimensioni Janes Donne 7HOq874wr


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